standee mô hình nhân vật hot nhất 2018

Material for building an existing character type:

  • Iron zinc options: design by the product pattern, the small components are combined with the linked by the welded.
  • Fomex 5mm: use to paste pattern image, up up on the page.
  • Decal PP outside trời: or longer such as decal against water or decal lasting color, can not be good exposure.
  • The 2 snapband: use to create the link of the middle frame and fomex.

As present, standalone the kernel character is one in the physical could not be missing in most events. When to any event that that, eg example as a movie show, you will see the standee the current character model is present as the invitation invitation to a movie is hot, the physical character in the movie will appear before port purchase ticket you don’t do tò mò muốn mua vé xem ngay. Hay you must capture the stander the models of the battle of the binh sĩ chiến binh ngay trước các doanh nghiệp đại chúng, các chợ hội chợ dành cho trẻ em, … chiến binh fristi thân thiện, bảo vệ hòa bình, những siêu anh hùng trong tâm trí trẻ thơ.

Standalone sprite model with small design, the tinh tế and the nice will make the greise, gầy gò và nâng cao hiệu quả cho việc quảng cáo. Out out, it is very basic, can be move from this to another non easily easily. It is the elements of the elements of the character standee character in the events of the event.

With kinh nghiệm thick dped in the field of the product and export the standalone model, same team ngũ nhân viên, trách nhiệm market field Vietnam. Just one required to a problem, we have available all client at all every when customers are required. To with Thien Phuc , we will be do you satisfied!

standee model standee 2018